Personalized Holiday Gift Guides

Christmas and Holiday shopping can be all kinds of things. Hopefully its fun and enjoyable, strolling between stores and holiday craft markets, pumpkin spiced latte in hand, triumphantly checking each name off your list until you're able to kick up your feet weeks before Christmas. Or maybe the thought of finding the perfect gift for the in laws you see only once a year drives you to inevitable procrastination. Or maybe you've got it all taken care of...except for those last three or four people you just can't figure out.

While we hope every gift buying experience is filled with the joy of knowing you’ve found just the right thing, here at Sandpiper & Co, we know that even the most seasoned shoppers can find themselves in a gift-buying bind, so we're here to help. Next time you’re looking to surprise and delight with the perfect gift, allow Sandpiper & Co's stylists to design a personalized gift guides for each person on your list. Each guide is ready to shop from and includes a range of specific gift ideas tailored to the individuals on your list.


Sandpiper & Co Gift Guides include:

-A phone call or email conversation to discuss the individuals on your list and your budgets for each of those individuals.

-Individualized gift guides with product images, links to purchase online, and any currently available deals we could find.

-Multiple options at varying price points so you can choose just the right combination for each person.

-A separate budget worksheet to help you make price conscious gift buying decisions.     

Once your order is placed and your needs are communicated, we'll email you your personalized gift guides within 7 days.

Gift Guides are $15 per individual.

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Stephanie...this gift guide is unbelievable!!!! You nailed it! And made my life A LOT easier. I don’t know how to thank you. You clearly put so much thought and time into it. Everything is really custom and perfect. I cant wait to see you so you can really see how excited I am! Thank you!!!
Seriously I’m obsessed. And the way you did the combinations with the price points is incredible. It makes for such THOUGHTFUL gifts!
— Ashley

Sandpiper & Co Holiday Gift Guides. The next best thing to personal shopping.


**Please note when you receive payment confirmation it will indicate that the payment has been received by Cliff Cunningham. You will be contacted via the email address you provide at check out to collect the information needed to start your gift guide. 

If you have any questions about our gift guides feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.